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       Finding a safe person to listen and empathize with us as we go through life’s challenges and opportunities is not easy.  For most of us, we want help.  We want healing.  But we don’t know where to turn.  We want to find someone that believes in us.  We want someone who can relate to us and help us heal in our body, soul, and spirit. 

     Numerous studies have shown that hope is perhaps the key ingredient in helping us heal and prosper. Cheavens, Michael, and Snyder (2005) concluded that "higher hope virtually always is related to more beneficial life outcomes"  across psychological health, academic performance, physical health, and athletic performance domains.

      At Jan Meier and Associates Counseling Center, we want to walk along side of you and provide a safe, hope- filled, place where you can heal, grow, and learn.  We will treat you respectfully and non-judgmentally.  We will honor your need for confidentiality. 

     Give us a call at (419) 897-9624.   We look forward to meeting you!  


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"There came a point when I could no longer stay ahead of the depression and the dreams that pursued me on a regular basis.  A life full of activity only managed to distract me for the moment.  Finally I sought help to understand why I struggled with myself, with relationships, and with mental weariness. The gentle care of hte counselors at JMA allowed me to begin to discover myself and helped me find keys of understanding, to let go of the past, and to find freedom and ability to thive, not just survive.  I highly recommend sitting for a bit with a counselor. There are wonderful insights, validations, challenges and help you will receive, no matter whether your concerns are big or small."              A JMA client

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