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          Jan Meier, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor



We closed our office during Covid but Jan is not ready to  retire so is still in practice seeing clients on Facetime or Zoom.   Her passion for counseling and guiding others to emotional health motivates her to continue to be available to walk beside others  in their struggles.  

Since she has no staff, she is only available to set up appointments on her email: and  only is able to accept private pay. 











Jan has been a practicing Counselor since 1990.  Though she counsels for many issues, she has a passion for marriage counseling, parenting issues, teenagers and integrating her faith with counseling techniques.  Her other roles have included  teaching at the elementary and graduate school levels, youth advising, speaking engagements, and leading marriage and parenting workshops.


How JMA inspired my life

"There came a point when I could no longer stay ahead of the depression and the dreams that pursued me on a regular basis.  A life full of activity only managed to distract me for the moment.  Finally I sought help to understand why I struggled with myself, with relationships, and with mental weariness. The gentle care of hte counselors at JMA allowed me to begin to discover myself and helped me find keys of understanding, to let go of the past, and to find freedom and ability to thive, not just survive.  I highly recommend sitting for a bit with a counselor. There are wonderful insights, validations, challenges and help you will receive, no matter whether your concerns are big or small."              A JMA client

Contact Us

Tel: 419-897-9624

 The phone does not take messages but explains the only way to reach Jan is through email:


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